Mandiri Atm

Mandiri ATM
Service Features & Menus
Mandiri ATM, Closer…
You can take advantage of our banking services in more than 2,500 Mandiri ATMs located in strategic places all over Indonesia.
Mandiri ATM, Easier…
Now you can make various banking transactions in Mandiri ATM. From bill payments, telephone reloads, buying tickets, transaction inquiries, inter-account transfers to printing last 5 transactions, etc.
Mandiri ATM, a 24×7 service…
Mandiri ATM Service is ready for service all around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Mandiri ATM, Multi-access service….
Other than Mandiri Card, Mandiri ATM is available for service with any cards containing Link, Visa/Plus/Visa Electron Logos
Mandiri ATM, no fees…
Mandiri ATM services are available for free (except for electricity bill payment and printing transactions).
Mandiri ATM, supported by Mandiri Call 14000 call center
As customers you can use our Mandiri Call 14000 call center to obtain further information or solutions to your problems when using Mandiri ATMs
Mandiri ATM’s Featrures and Services
1. Standard Features / Account Access;
Cash Withdrawal, Balance Inquiry, Inter-account transfer, PIN maintenance, Account Inquiries. Foreign Exchange, Account Inquiries. Loan, Printing Last 5 Transactions
2. General Payments/Utilities/Open Payment;
Mandiri Visa, Electricity Bill, Garuda Airline Ticket, Kompas Daily Subscription, XL Kita, OTO-Multiartha, AXA Mandiri, BSI, AMIKOM, Indovision, Indosatnet, CBN, Air Efata
3. Telephone Bill Payment;
Telkom, kartu Halo, Matrix, IM3 Bright, XL/Xplor, FREN, Esia, Telkom Flexi
4. Prepaid Telephone Reloads;
Simpati, Mentari, IM3 Smart, FREN, Esia, Flexi Trendy, XL/bebas
5. Banking Service Registrations;
Mandiri SMS Banking, Mandiri Internet Banking, Mandiri Call call center
6. Mandiri Visa Card;
Cash Advance, Bill Inquiry
Important Tips for Customer
1. When receiving Mandiri ATM Card
o Immediately sign the card on the signature panel
o Make a note containing account number, card number, Mandiri branch phone number, and Mandiri Call. Keep it in a safe place
o Immediately change the PIN. Change the PIN periodically. Avoid simple formula, such as date of birth, or phone number
o Remember your PIN number. Avoid writing the PIN number and put it in your wallet, purse, card, or other media that are easily read by anyone else
o Customer is suggested to do the other ebanking facilities such as Mandiri Internet, Mandiri SMS, and Mandiri Call in order to easily monitor the account.
2. During the period of having Mandiri ATM card
o Do not ever pass on the PIN to anyone else, verbally or written, by phone or SMS
o Do not ever give out the card number or other parties than to Bank Mandiri.
o Make sure the card is in a safe place.
o Make sure the card is not folded or scratched.
o Immediately make a phone call to Mandiri Call 14000 when the card is stolen or lost, and ask for it to be blocked.
o When paying the PLN and Telkom bills, customers are better to the payment before the due date, due to the high load transaction system on PLN or Telkom side, which results in transaction failure.
3. When transactioning
o Abort the transaction and immediately inform the Bank when you find suspicious signs on the ATM, such as misplaced calble or other foreign objects.
o Move to the other ATM location if you find the ATM spot is dark and hidden.
o When you are in an ATM queue, make sure that no one else can see your PIN or card number.
o To avoid a mistransaction, make sure to read the confirmation carefully (on the confirmation screen), these includes: Phone number, PLN member ID, Booking code, or the previous credit card number that you have entered before.
o Re-check the transaction proof before you leave the ATM, and keep it.
o Immediately take the money and the card, for if it left on a long time, the machine will take it inside the machine.
o Avoid counting the money on an open space.
o When the card is inside the machine, immediately inform the branch officer. When they can not be informed, immediately make a phone call to Mandiri Call 14000 and ask for it to be blocked.